Friday, December 16, 2011

SketchUp Animation - "Casting of a RC Pad Footing" [Updated]

Below is this blog's first animation, modeled and animated by Google SketchUp, which illustrates a simplified process of casting a reinforced concrete pad footing foundation.

In the animation, the footing reinforcement is laid in such a way to show the placement and arrangement of main (red) and transverse (green) rebar, which in technical drawings are normally depicted by lines and dots respectively (thought in the case of a square footing like this, main and transverse rebar are normally the same).

In common practice, the bar-bender will tie main and transverse rebar to form a "basket" before lower the whole thing into the pit and formwork.

I gave an outline to all elements in the model so they have better appearance. I also removed the green, red and blue from the rebar and modified some of the subtitle texts. Below is the improved version:

I uploaded the model to 3D Warehouse, click on image below to download from 3D Warehouse.

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