Thursday, April 18, 2013

SketchUp Animation - Casting of R.C Strip Footing

Below is an animation depicting the simplified casting process of a reinforced concrete strip footing.

The model was created and animated with SketchUp, output to a series of .png and put together in VirtualDub and output as .mp4 using this hack. The animation was then imported into VSDC Free Video Editor for post-production.

Enjoy the animation!

Like usual I couldn't claim the construction process depicted in the animation is 100% by-the-book as there are a lot of factors affecting the construction of a certain structure on site. Constrained by small working space -- it's most certain the excavated pit on site will never be as spacious as the one shown in the animation -- sometimes it's easier to bind those base rebars into a "basket" before unloading them into their formworks. Likewise for stump reinforcement.

Base rebars bound into a "basket".

Stump rebars before lowered into formworks.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Donald,
    Very nice animations, could you please put some tutorial videos too, about how to produce these types of animations.




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