Thursday, January 5, 2012

SketchUp Animation - "Casting of 1st Floor Beam and Slab" [Updated]

This is a SketchUp animation depicting a simplified process of casting upper floor R.C (reinforced concrete) beam and slab. I also animated the process of setting up formwork and falsework before laying of reinforcement and finally, concreting.

The "slab reinforcement" depicted in the animation are wire meshes. Here in Malaysia we generally refer to them as "BRC" and suffixed with a reference number, for example, "BRC A6" refers to wire mesh with 6mm diameter main (and cross) wire at a spacing of 200mm c/c.

Like usual, "section plane" has been used extensively in order to make the animation interesting. I'm considering using Proper Animation plugin to "fly" or "deliver" some of the elements if I have the time to do an "improved version" of this.

I also created an animation about casting of a R.C pad footing earlier, which is on this page.

I uploaded the 3D model of this animation to 3D Warehouse. Click on image below to download.

The construction sequence had been output as a series of images, on that page.

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