Thursday, January 19, 2012

SketchUp Animation - "Steel Framing of a Warehouse" [Updated]

This is an animation showing a simplified process of erecting the skeleton frame of a warehouse.

I do not claim this construction sequence is 100% by-the-book as there are many factors, such as site condition, which contribute to different approach even for projects of similar nature.

Normally, a warehouse ground floor slab will be designed as pile-supported (the whole slab is cast on a pile grid of closely-spaced single pile point, for more info, refer this page). However, since it's not relevant to the subject of this animation, I don't bother to show them.

Below are a few still output of the model showing some of the structural steel connections.

Stanchion and wall girt.
Roof trusses connected to stanchion (fascia truss not shown).
Roof trusses connected to stanchion (showing fascia trusses).
Cross bracing, welded to top chord of roof trusses.
Purlin, anti-sag rod and knee bracing.

I've earlier made a fly-through animation of the same model, on this page.

I've improved the above animation by removing the shadows, adding new viewing angles and incorporating a fly-through sequence at the end. It also has higher resolution now. Enjoy.

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