Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SketchUp Animation - Warehouse (Steel Structure Skeleton Only)

Below is a fly through animation showing only the steel structure skeleton of a warehouse.

Most if not all the standard elements in a steel structure, for instance stanchions, main trusses, purlins, bracing, fascia trusses, siderails and etc. are shown in the animation. The non-existence of perimeter drain is norm for such a structure under construction, though normally temporary ditches are dug surrounding the building for drainage purposes, they are not shown in the animation.

In this particular project, some sort of mesh partition system (non-structural) will be installed on one side of the warehouse, hence it is kind of "open" and without any brickwall or wall girt (siderails). The other three sides are of low brickwall with metal cladding wall system, hence the wall girt.

I output the animation as a series of PNG images and assembled the animation in VirtualDub. The original uncompressed output is a whooping 400Mb+ AVI file, but the anti-alias is much better than the above.

I made a couple of simplified construction sequences on that page.

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